Wheelchair accessible
vehicle (WAV)

Sometimes it’s not possible for those with mobility issues to transfer from a wheelchair into the passenger seat of a limousine. Our wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) blends discreetly with other vehicles used as part of the Funeral cortege.

Finished in a rich solid black the WAV is constructed by specialist coachbuilders using the Ford Torneo chassis and wheelchair access is via a large rear door up a gentle ramp. An electrically operated winch is available to assist if required.

Each wheelchair is securely fastened for the journey utilising Department of Transport approved devices. With generous headroom, air conditioning, privacy glass and four passenger seats the wheelchair user is never isolated or disadvantaged. Our staff are helpful and considerate and will assist with passenger access, egress and comfort.

Our WAV is available for a door-to-door experience and will “wait and return” to ensure passengers can attend the wake after the funeral too. This vehicle is currently fitted with a temporary perspex division separating the passenger compartment from the cab thus reducing the passenger capacity to 2 persons plus the wheelchair user.

Spec overview

Finished in solid black paintwork


2 passenger seats

In addition to the wheelchair passenger.

Privacy glass

DoT approved equipment

Maximum size

Please call or email us with your wheelchair dimensions before we agree the hire, as there are many variables.

Sat Nav

2 additional seats

Dependent upon Covid restrictions we may be able to carry an additional 2 passengers next to the driver. Please enquire if you require 4 seats + the wheelchair user.