Trudy – Morris Minor
Traveller Hearse

Formerly owned by The Morris Minor Hearse Company and Morris Minor Funerals, now lovingly entrusted into our care to allow Trudy to continue doing what she does best, catering for the needs of fellow Morris Minor owners and classic car enthusiasts in general.

Trudy the Traveller provides some comfort to think that the final journey will be made in a classic car and a Morris Minor in particular. Relatives have found reassurance that their loved one will be in the company of fellow enthusiasts, in this lovingly converted and purpose-built Morris Minor Hearse. Trudy has been totally rebuilt and converted with loving care over many years and is finished in traditional black.

As you will appreciate, a Morris Minor Traveller is not a large vehicle, so there are inevitably some limitations due to the internal space available.

Coffin sprays can be catered for as they may be placed to the side if they cannot be placed on the coffin – it would be wise to opt for a shorter coffin spray to enable it to travel on top of the coffin – the taller the coffin the less space available. Please ask us about sizing because we need to ensure we get it right.

Where the rear Funeral Director seat is not used, we have an extra cover board which allows us to carry some extra floral tributes. Frames/letters may not be catered for however MUM DAD SON etc should just fit along the driver's side with the cover board in place.

There is a seat behind the driver for the funeral director, please note that it is not a large space and if the coffin is wider than the 24" or the flowers require extra deck then the seat may not be available. Access to this seat is via the driver's door. Our hearse travels to its destinations inside our converted Luton van, Parker. Parker has a Euro 6 engine and can travel in Low Emission Zones without additional charge.

Spec overview

3 doors

Equipped with

Flower securing devices for internal transportation

Fixed deck

Max ext. coffin dimensions:

6’10” x 24” x 18”

2 piece rear door