Terms and Conditions

Hereinafter Mortons Funeral Hire shall be known as “The Company” and the named person making the booking shall be known as “The Hirer.”  It will be deemed that The Hirer accepts responsibility and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as follows:

  1. Bookings will only be taken from Funeral Directors who will be responsible for the settlement of our account.

  2. All bookings must be confirmed by The Hirer by completing the supplied booking form. The Company will respond with a confirmation of Hire, at this point, The Company and The Hirer have entered into a legally binding contract.

  3. By submitting a booking form to The Company, The Hirer agrees to be bound by our Terms and Conditions, a copy of which will be sent with the booking form.

  4. It is The Hirer’s responsibility to check that the coffin or casket dimensions can be accommodated within the vehicle being hired. All maximum exterior coffin/casket dimensions can be found on The Company booking form.  It is imperative that the exterior dimensions of the coffin/casket do not exceed the sizes we have supplied because it simply will not fit!  If you are in any doubt, please call us.  The Company will not be held responsible for larger coffins/caskets or flowers not fitting into the vehicle and the Hire will be chargeable in full. 

  5. Some vehicles have seating/deck options. If you are hiring a vehicle with varying seat configurations, please advise us on the booking form as it may affect the deck space available.

  6. Unless otherwise authorised an invoice will be provided prior to the day of the funeral based on the locations and venues you submit at the time of booking. Payment for the hire will be due on the day of our Service with invoiced payment for additional mileage, toll or other charges falling due within 28 days.

  7. Any extra requests or alterations to the booking (e.g. additional pickup points, change of venue causing extra mileage, or additional time commitment etc.) not made at the time of booking and receiving confirmation cannot necessarily be entertained, although every effort will be made to meet these requirements. Please be aware such alterations may necessitate further costs.  The Hirer will be made aware of these by The Company at their earliest convenience.

  8. Confirmed hires can be cancelled without charge up to 5 working days prior to the Service date. Cancellations of hire after this time may incur penalty fees which are incurred by The Company as a result of booking overnight accommodation etc. and will be passed on to The Hirer.

  9. The Company does not accept responsibility for adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion/diversions/road closures etc, acts by other persons or organisations which may impact adversely on the hire period; although we will do all we can to maintain appropriate timings and standards despite difficulties not occasioned by ourselves. We may suggest that we provide a vehicle more suited to the weather conditions and if we are aware of any potential weather warning issues, we will discuss these with The Hirer. The Hirer is advised to alert their instructing client that this is possible particularly throughout the changing seasons. Whilst we endeavour to provide a vehicle regardless of circumstances outside our control, the onus is on The Hirer to have a backup plan and this forms the basis of the hire.

  10. The capabilities of each vehicle may differ. We restrict the mileage and time that each of our classic vehicles (those over 25 years old) cover dependent on their capability.  It is necessary to receive from The Hirer the details of the journeys being requested to ensure the expectation can be met.

  11. Whilst every effort is afforded to maintain the serviceability of the vehicles, responsibility cannot be accepted for mechanical, electrical or material breakdown whatsoever. In this event, every effort will be made for the immediate repair to the vehicle so that the journey can continue. Any reasonable extra cost incurred will be borne by The Company or, a refund given, and the liability in every case is strictly limited to the hire costs.

  12. In the event of scenarios outside our control or any other breakdown and/or accident, no responsibility will be accepted for missed services /connections and/or functions, howsoever caused.

  13. In the event of a breakdown/malfunction or accident to the vehicle, booked prior to the date of the funeral, every effort will be made to supply an alternative vehicle at The Company’s discretion. We will not risk sending a vehicle to you that we suspect may have a problem or be unsuitable for hire.

  14. The Company reserves the right at any time to change/replace/renew the vehicle(s) booked or advertised in order to maintain The Company’s high standards.

  15. Covid-19 – We take the Covid legislation seriously and dependent upon legislation, best practice and good policy, it may not be possible for any passengers to travel in our Hearses. If passengers are carried, face coverings may need to be worn and hand sanitiser used.  If the carrying of a passenger in any of our Hearses is critical to the hire please advise The Company immediately.

  16. The Company can at no time take responsibility for The Hirer’s or any member of his/her party’s possessions used or left in vehicles. The Hirer must make sure all possessions belonging to The Hirer or any of his/her party are removed at the end of each rental term (Employees of The Company cannot hold/store/safeguard any items left in this way).

  17. The Company or its representative(s)/employee(s) reserves the right to refuse entry to the vehicle(s) or to any person(s) they deem unfit, for whatsoever reason, and can refuse to continue the journey if any person(s) behave in a manner which may be detrimental to any other person or the vehicles and its contents. In this event no refund or reduction of hire charges will be given.

  18. Once a booking is made and confirmed, the price quoted to The Hirer will not be changed unless The Hirer wishes to make alterations to the booking or events outside our control as mentioned above have occurred. Onward mileage is calculated from the point of the first pick up i.e. a funeral home.

  19. All toll / ULEZ clean air zone and congestion charges are to be paid by The Hirer, parking of the Hearse on illegal routes such as red routes as directed by The Hirer for placing coffin or flowers etc. any fines/PCN will be payable by The Hirer where representation fails.

  20. The Company may take appropriate photographs to give to family members and to Funeral Directors. We may use them on our website or promotional material. If you object, please would you advise us at the time of booking using our booking form.

  21. We will not be responsible for late or missed services due to traffic congestion en route to your destination which are out of our control. We will always do everything we can to find alternative routes where possible. We always endeavour to arrive at your funeral home in good time before we are required to load the Hearse.

Many of our vehicles do not have Satellite Navigation and often our staff are unfamiliar with detailed geography for every area.  It is therefore advisable that a lead/escort vehicle is provided to ensure that the requirements of the desired route and the strict timings which accompany such journeys may be followed without issue.   Subject of course to point 4 and available space, it may be possible for a member of The Hirer’s team to travel in the Hearse.