Hearseby – 1972 VW
Bay Window Hearse

Previously owned by Clare at Volkswagen Funerals before her retirement, now lovingly entrusted into our care, this unique funeral vehicle was a factory commissioned 'Leichenwagen' (Hearse) and coach built by a firm called Fritz Freckinger in Augsburg Germany in 1972. He is one of very few still remaining and the only one known to be in operation in the UK as a funeral vehicle, if not the world!

This amazing vehicle is in fact a Volkswagen Type 26 Hearse conversion based on the single cab pickup and was used by undertakers in Germany and Belgium as a private ambulance but never commissioned for actual funeral use, until he was rescued in 2007. Hearseby had been in a collection of Volkswagens in Europe until he was discovered and commissioned into a Hearse here in the UK.

Contrary to belief Hearseby was never a campervan but a super rare conversion supplied directly from the VW factory as a flatbed pickup and coach built into a hearse. Hearseby has a period CB radio installed, where family requests are often played en-route to the Crematorium. The roof rack enables us to transport personal belongings which are meaningful, and we have carried everything from surfboards, to ironing boards on the roof!

Hearseby is white in colour and a penant flag can be supplied by us in a particular colour, or to reflect a certain theme, further personalising the service we provide. Our hearses travel inside our covered and fully licenced vehicle transporter. Where possible these VW's only complete working miles to keep them in first class condition.

Spec overview

3 doors

Equipped with

Flower securing devices for both internal and rooftop transportation

Fixed deck

Rear door

Max ext. coffin dimensions

7’7” x 37” x 30”

Illuminated deck