Ernie – 1965 VW
Split Screen Hearse

Ernie – 1965 VW Split Screen Hearse

Ernie is our 1965 Volkswagen Split Screen micro bus. Originally from Ohio in the USA, Ernie started life as a mini-bus – supposedly the forerunner to the modern day people mover – and has since been imported, restored and commissioned as a fully functioning hearse in 2012.

Being the deluxe model, Ernie had some nice factory fitted 'bling' to set him apart from the working commercial van, including a classic retro sound system with an auxiliary input, should you want us to play your loved ones' favourite music, but please note, this is not a CD player! The previous owner (Clare from Volkswagen Funerals) added to this 13-window deluxe model with stainless steel bumpers, chrome wheels and two-tone silver paintwork.

Spec overview

3 doors

Equipped with

Flower securing devices for both internal and roof top transportation

Rise & fall deck

Max ext. coffin dimensions

7’ x 30” x 25”

Rear door – 1 piece

Illuminated deck