Big Ben - London Taxi Hearse

Fully restored Fairways London Taxi

“Big Ben” is our fully restored Fairways London Taxi. Big Ben was manufactured in 1996 by the Coventry Taxi Manufacturer Carbodies (which later went on to become LEVC) and started life as an iconic Black Cab plying his trade around the nation’s capital.

He was acquired by Mortons Funeral Hire in August 2022 as a partially restored vehicle whilst the available space within Big Ben has always been cavernous the accessibility with a coffin or casket in the standard configuration was not ideal. Consequently, as part of his reconfiguration a clever deeper loading door was created without losing anything of the iconic style this lovely old chap brings. Retaining one rear passenger seat, Big Ben is able to accommodate a Funeral Director travelling with the coffin. With an 8ft deck length, Big Ben is able to receive coffins and caskets in a dignified way and accommodate flowers alongside too. With gleaming black coachwork, and a newly installed coffin deck with subtle interior lighting, Big Ben creates an air of nostalgia and a completely different final journey to the typical Hearse.

Spec overview

5 doors

Equipped with

Flower securing devices for internal transportation

Fixed deck

Maximum size

7’ (L) x 30” (W at the kerf) 24” (W at the foot) x 24” (D) (between the stops)

Two-piece rear door

Wheel bier